Old website was behind time. After all troubles past months Crucificados is still alive and works again from this time on. I still have to send out a lot of packages. I know that i am lame. Please forgive me! But past months were very stressful for me. New job, family, health problems etc. - i don’t want to digress onwards. I very apologize for all delays, unanswered emails, delayed packages and so on. I did need a break. sorry.

More updates on next releases in brief. New website will be expanded continuously with releases, bands, shop and so on.

All stuck packages, trades will be shipped next week. I am still working on migrating the old distro list to punk in 2016.

next releases:

Kluster Fuck 7"
Atomkrig 7"
Systemik Violence 7"
Honnör SS 7"
Polis Äckel lp
Tragic Film 7"
Chest Pain 7"
Disease lp

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